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Beautiful Landing Page + Feedback Builder + Click Analytics

Built specially for Startups and Entrepreneurs.

Startomatic is an online reimagined Landing Page tool with simple, beautiful, and engaging design, feedback builder and click analytics. With Startomatic, you can test your product ideas and find out whether people will

Buy your product?

Install your Mobile app?

Signup for your product?

Give pre-orders?

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Build Pixel Perfect Landing Page for your startup idea in Minutes.

Startomatic gives you the power to build beautiful responsive websites visually.

 You can customize each section of your website.

 No coding or Drag and Drop.

Build your own interactive feedback or signup form easily without writing a code.

Collect More Information other than name and email like feedback, suggestions, questionnaires, etc.,

 You can trigger the form when user performs any action like click or leaving the site, etc..

 Export all form data as CSV.

Analyze and see all the user actions and clicks visually.

With Startomatic, you can measure and see actions taken by the users on your web site including location, user activity duration and exit rate

 Track button clicks, email submissions, etc..

 Keep track of action taken by the users on your validation goals like Buying your product, Installing your App, etc..

Simple Pricing. No hidden costs.

Because we  Startups.


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